“They went the extra mile to make our special day even more special & we will never forget it.” -Hannah K.

    We are dedicated to capturing your moments,



    the way you want to relive them.

    We keep things lighthearted and comfortable, and we hold the responsibility of capturing your lifelong memories our top priority.

    This makes for less stress on your plate and the confidence you’ll have amazing photos.


    We are at weddings almost every weekend of the year, we’ve really seen it all! When you hire us you’re hiring on two extra sets of helping hands, to give you advice, encouragement, and to just help this process be as stress free and fun as possible. How much time should you have for family photos? What do we do if it rains? Understanding different cultures and family dynamics. These are things that many may not think of, but this is what we’re good at, making your photos that much better.


    The value we provide is peace of mind. We can’t tell you how many couples we hear regret not investing in a photographer they really love and trust. Other than a beautiful marriage, Photography and Video is really what you walk away with. Make sure it’s exactly what you want.

    We know how to work well with so many personalities and scenarios. So many people who say “they are so awkward in front of the camera” are now excited for the next  time we will shoot together. What we’re trying to say is there is so much value in investing in photography.


    Why do we keep mentioning that we want you to feel comfortable? Because its SO important to feel 100% confident in your investments for your wedding, your time, your money, and your memories. If you trust us, feel confident, and comfortable your photos will absolutely reflect that. We do not do forced cheesy poses, or focus on being too “trendy” as those things age and will not be in style 20 years from now. If you feel comfortable with us that allows us to know who you truly are and photograph you that way, that’s what you want to remember! So we photograph in a candid and free flowing way. So there is no need to have any guards up with us, be honest and open and you can feel confident that we are in this to be there for you and to deliver the photos you want.

          What We Offer

    What We Offer

    Our Frequently Asked Questions

    How long have you been shooting weddings?
    We shot our first two weddings in 2014, and have been doing it ever since!
    Where are you located & do you travel?
    The East Coast of the USA, is home and where we make most of the magic happen! We are located in Charlotte NC, and NYC,FL & Montreal are our common local spots and are absolutely gorgeous locations, if you ever want unique ideas for locations hit us up! We travel all over for photography, we’ve shot weddings in Australia, Panama, England, and have photographed love in France, Iceland and so many other beautiful locations. See our travel page for more information!
    Do you both shoot at weddings?
    All of our full wedding day packages include a second shooter! Almost always, both of us shoot on a wedding day! But if one of us is booked for another event or happens to be sick, we bring along one of our trusted associates to be a second shooter! We make sure every scenario is covered.
    How Many photos can we expect?
    A lot! We do not limit the amount of photographs we send to you, we document your special day and if a photo is worth sending, we do. They are your special memories, we do not withhold them from you!  The amount of photographs you receive, depends on how many hours we spend at your event.
    How can we book you?
    Fill out the inquiry boxes on our contact page with heartfelt answers, its your special day and we want to know what makes it special. We will receive it, probably be super happy, and then give you a speedy response! If we are available for your date then, together, we will piece together what exactly you’re needing from us and we make a custom invoice thats perfect for you. Its a simple retainer of $1000 plus a signed contract, and BOOM! You’re booked and we can get to making something beautiful.
    What is your turn around time?
    Each gallery is edited for your day, the feeling, and the colors. We don’t slap on an edit and move on, editing is an art form in itself. So you can expect the best quality photos with editing that will age beautifully. Our delivery time is 4-6 weeks, which is crazy fast! We do this so that you can enjoy these memories during those precious honeymoon weeks. We also provide a sneak peek gallery a few days after the wedding day, We know you want to change your profile photo ;) We also provide all print and sharing rights, every little detail is thought for so you don’t have to.
    Do you shoot video?
    We accept a limited amount of wedding films to create throughout the year, they are not the traditional wedding videos! Filmmaking is a huge passion of ours and we make a few films in a unique style. If you’d like more information about our films just ask!
    Why do you charge what you charge?
    We love working with people and their expectations for the wedding day. We respect and try our best to work with budgets and different situations. But please remember we work hard just like you do! This is our full time job and the way we pay our bills and feed our dog, so please be mindful of this! When were all on the same page thats when beautiful things happen!