Making room for happiness – Why we Remodel

    Although a website seems like a simple and basic thing to have, we really took our time on ours, and here’s why.

    The past year for us has been chaotic, its been a year of figuring out what exactly we wanted The Mango Market to be. When we release something we want it to be true to who we are and what we make.

    We have been learning and refining what works for us and what brings us joy in the process. We’ve found that being a wedding photographer and running any kind of business yourself is very intensive, it takes over most of your time and there really is no clear line of what is business time & what is personal, its very emotionally involved and is even intense physically, its very easy to burn out.

    So we try our best to have a healthy outlook on what we make. We want to keep the joy that motivated us to start this in the first place, and the way to do that is making room for joy to grow. If we are overcrowded with things that don’t make us happy and satisfied, we’re not leaving room for the things that could bring us happiness in what we do. So every year or so we look back on what we’ve been doing and how we have been spending our time, whats benefited us and what has hurt us and we make changes.

    Last year we remodeled our brand and really narrowed down on what we wanted to create, this time it was how we are showcasing our work.

    We really did not want to rush into showing our work in a way that we didn’t like, we worked so hard on capturing these beautiful stories. So we decided to take a step back and focus on our work and a better way to showcase it.

    We only showcased our work through Instagram as a portfolio, which made it hard to show too much personally. We hope with this change we can give a closer look into our process and what The Mango Market is to us.

    We’ve been working on this nonstop for a long time and we are so happy to found a system that we love for our work and we hope you love it too.


    Last years theme was remodel, we worked on a rebranding and focused on what we wanted to make.


    This time we focused on something new, how we showcase our work. Our website is good news to us.