Jada & Gavin’s – Arizona Desert Morning Wedding

    A morning wedding in the Arizona Desert.

    Where do we begin? This wedding was as amazing as it sounds. From the beginning we knew it would be an amazing experience to photograph Jada and Gavin’s wedding. Before the contract was signed and we knew we would be there, we spent some time talking on the phone, they told us they had their hearts set on us being there and really did all they could to make it happen, we will forever appreciate them for that. Booking our airline tickets was surreal, it would be both of our first time west and we would be meeting and photographing two people that we knew would become our forever friends. We arrived in Arizona and wasted no time, we met Jada and Gavin and started running through the desert taking photos and making great memories. Their wedding day was unforgettable, an outdoor ceremony surrounded by the beautiful mountains, cacti, and people who love Jada and Gavin.

    Enjoy the visual story of Jada and Gavin’s peaceful morning wedding in the desert.